How to Fix Cracked Acrylic Painting

how to fix cracked acrylic painting

When I started acrylic painting the first issue I had was one of my acrylic paintings cracking! Losing my paintings I’ve done with a lot of love (and time) would be discouraging. And in this article, I’ll show you how to fix cracked acrylic paintings quickly and easily! I’ll also show you how to save … Read more

How Long Does Acrylic Paint Take to Dry?

how long does acrylic paint take to dry

One of the beauty of the acrylics is how fast they dry and how fast we can enjoy the results. I think this is the best thing ever for beginners, boom… and your painting is dried and amazing. How long acrylic paint will dry fully depends on the temperature, humidity, paint type, thickness of layers … Read more

How to Make Acrylic Paint Dry Faster

How to Make Acrylic Paint Dry Faster

Acrylic paint is fast-drying and this is one of the reasons many artists adore it! Sometimes we really need more open time, but there are some cases we need our painting to dry faster because probably you are as impatient as I am ;). More often we need to speed up drying time when we … Read more

15 Ways How to Make Acrylic Paint Dry Slower

how to make acrylic paint dry slower

Acrylics are fast-drying paint and this is one of the reasons I adore it! I am never patient enough with the oil! Progressing, we are using different techniques and generating more creative ideas. And sometimes we need to slow down the dry time to achieve better color mixing or extend the work time of paint. … Read more